Ray Veterinary clinic


Ray Veterinary clinic has a soothing environment with animal friendly atmosphere to relieve the stress of the pets when they enter an unknown place. The clinic gives special attention to the food habits, to which the pet is habituated. Doctor is available all the throughout the day and night to handle emergency situations. The clinic has packages to suit all types of needs and treatment facilities for pet owners.

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Ray Veterinary clinic has a soothing environment with animal friendly atmosphere to relieve the stress of the pets.


National Trained on Wildlife Health & Investigation (T.V.U) Early Age Neutering & Trained by USA and Australian Veterinary Surgeons.


24 hrs Medical Support,Operation theatre,Surgeries,Immunisation,Vaccination,Tick bath,Tick Spray,Dog training,Birth control,Creche.

Pet Care

The basic idea of forming the clinic was to help the helpless animals by giving them better treatment in a better environment.

Our Introduction

National Trained on Wildlife Health & Investigation (T.V.U) Early Age Neutering & Suture Embedded Surgery (Micro Surgery) Trained by USA and Australian Veterinary Surgeons. Life Member CKC, CCC, NCKC Visiting Vet of renowned Kennels

Doctor Ray, is a highly experienced doctor, who has done many types of complicated surgeries with success; has even operated on cancer cases. He always keeps himself abreast with the latest treatments and surgical procedures and has undergone extensive training programmes under the guidance of expert Surgeons of USA & Australia.

He is an animal lover since his childhood, he is very fond of dogs e.g. doberman pinschers, bullmastiff, weimaranerlabrador retrievervizsla, yorkshire terrier, poodle, and lovely cats like the siamese, may be for which he was got admitted in Bengal Veterinary College and passed in 1974. he started private practice of other pet & wild animals e.g. dog breeds, cat breed, calico cat, bird, cow, goat, lion etc.

Most animals, like humans, can be sick too. Your pets could have gangrene, cholera, influenza, myasthenia gravis, and much more. Also, they can get an RNA virus called Paramyxoviridae that causes measles, mumps, and bronchiolitis in humans. Make sure to keep your pets happy and healthy.


Fully Air Conditioned Clinic & Operation Theatre
24 hrs. Emergency & Oxygen
Ambulance Facility / Pick Up
Animal Birth Control (Early Age - from 1 Month Neutering)
All types of Surgery with indoor facility
Crèche for Cats & dogs
Cissorian without Bandage
Tick Control Spray / bath


"Dr. Subrata Roy is known to me for the last fifteen years. An animal lover from the very core of his heart Dr. Roy has rendered sincere service for the welfare of cats & dogs. His nursing home "Ray Veterinary Clinic", I wish will remain as an ideal treatment centre for all animals and will also be beneficial for the society."
Bibhas Pal, Prog. Executive, Doordarshan Kendra, Kolkata.

" Dr.Subrata Roy's nursig home for animals is an extraordinary place of treatment for animals. All arrangements of treatment are superb. I highly appreciate the sincerity of Dr. Roy and his assistants. May god bless Dr. Roy for his dedication. "
Manju Dutta Gupta, Former Shakespeare Professor & Head of the Dept. of English, Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta - 700050

"Terminally ill is a dog, death is hanging in the air like winter fog, Dr.Subrata Roy treated the puppy, the puppy is alive - well & happy."
Master Shairik Sengupta, Class VIII - Baranagar, Ramkrishna Mission School

"A home away from home where pets receive good care & treatment to the extent that a few of our dogs were extremely reluctant to come back home "
Dr. Sarbani Palit, Asst. Prof. Indian Statistical Institute

"All time I got carefull treatment & better facilities "
Chhanda Pande, Asst. Teacher P.G.T.

" I never think any Vet. Doctor other than Dr. S.Roy for my Pet's "
Anchor Tanusree, CTVN

" In true sense I can not forget about affection, love, cordial handing of the dog by Dr.Ray, when any of patient enquire a vet for their pet' treatment I referred the name of Dr. Roy, because I believe that will get excellent treatment "
Dr. Dhubabrata Bhattacharya, Retd. Prof. R.G. Kar Medical College

" My Son & Daughter are very much animal lover, we all will not think any other vet in place of Dr. Roy for the operation & treatment of all our pets as well as the street dogs & cats of my area "
Monoj Sinha, UBI Office

" In my opinion Dr.Roy is not less than god because he always gives new lives to my all pets as well as street dogs "
Rajasree - Astrologer